What is Patreon? And should I use it?

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What is Patreon? And should I use it?

Post by MaronaPossessed on Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:25 am

Patreon is a site for creators and a place to support your favorite creators. You can choose to donate monthly or(new feature) pay for something upfront. Creators can offer you things such as artwork, music composition, downloads, gameplays, etc.

How to advertise your patreon:
For creators, what do YOU have to offer to your patrons? Of course for you, you need the money.

Wrong Reason: I need the money because I am losing my house.
Right Reason: If you support me at this amount, I can provide you with such and such. The money will help me keep this as my job and go towards expenses and better equipment.

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